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Insurance is a funny old game. You pay an extortionate amount of money to a faceless company to protect your stuff in the event of an accident. Then just when you need them most they point out the small print and find ways not to pay you, telling you that you’re under-insured, or that you need the original invoice/box/magic ticket-whatever.

This is because their primary interest is not to help you but to serve their shareholders, their directors, their salaries and bonuses, and everything else that keeps a business running. Even when you are successful with a claim and they pay out the money that is owed to you – they will just claw it back with increased premiums the next year.

But what if there was a new and revolutionary way to protect your belongings and at the same time wave goodbye to those money-grubbing insurance companies? The new (r)-evolutionary VIQ3 system brings you the concept of PTTP (Power to the People) through shared risk-management. The ‘r’ in this instance stands for respect for the community; respect meaning only valid claims are made.

It works like this: You, find three people, who form the base. Each of those three people, find three more people, so adding another base layer. As each base layer is added the community becomes stronger, sturdier and more stable. Each person provides 1% of the total they want to cover and gives this to their Manager as a proof of coverage who keeps this money secure. This community based, shared risk system only works when people are invested in the community. After just 2,000 people join there is enough money in the communal-pot to cover claims of up to 200,000 with each individual paying only 100!

In the event of a claim, verified by the people in the community, every Manager is debited an equal share to cover the claim and the money is transferred to the claimant. No worries. No hassle. No fuss.

The great thing about this risk-management system is that all the money stays within the community. Shared among its members. There is no money wasted on the salaries, bonuses and shareholders that come with traditional insurance companies so all your money is invested wholly in protecting your belongings. You and the community are the only ones who benefit.

Does a worry-free, hassle-free, fuss-free life sound perfect for you and your belongings? Then register today; find or be assigned three people to back you, sit back, relax and never have to worry about grappling with your insurance company to get what’s yours again.